Richard Bawden


Has had a long and varied career as an academic. He formally
retired as a full time academic in 2007 while holding the post
of Distinguished Visiting University Professor-in-residence
at Michigan State University in the USA. He was one of the
foundation professors (Systemic Development) of the University
of Western Sydney (in 1989) and the founding Dean of its Faculty
of Agriculture and Rural Development. After retiring from UWS
in 1999, he moved to the USA to accept the Distinguished
Visiting University Professor position at MSU. He has published
widely in the fields of agricultural education, sustainability,
transformative learning and systemic development and has
consulted in these domains in more than two dozen countries
across the globe as well as extensively with many institutions and
organisations within Australia. He was appointed to the Order
of Australia – general division – in 2000 for his contributions
to systemic development. He was made an Emeritus Professor
of the University of Western Sydney University in 1999 and
he is currently an honorary research fellow in the Office of
Sustainability at (the re-named) Western Sydney University. He
is also a Visiting Professor at the Open University in the UK, an
adjunct professor at Michigan State University, and the Managing
Director of the not-for-profit Systemic Development Institute.

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