Sergio Roberto Martins


Is an Agronomist and holds a doctorate in Agronomy and a
master’s degree in Economic Management and Development

Planning. He is a member of the Research Group in
Environmental Monitoring and Appraisal (NUMAVAM) of
the Center of Agrarian Sciences of the Federal University of
Santa Catarina, and a collaborating Professor of the MSc in
Agroecology and Sustainable Rural Development of the Federal
University of Fronteira Sul, with contributions in the courses of
Agroecology, Sustainable Rural Development, Interdisciplinarity
Workshops, and Social, Economic and Environmental Aspects of
Sustainability. He has experience in Plant Science (cultivation in
protected environments), with an emphasis on Agrometeorology,
Sustainable Rural Development, Indicators of Sustainability in
Agroecosystems, and Agroecology.

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