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Brazil Publishing believes the science field is heterogeneous. We advocate the researcher shall be free of standards which label his or her thoughts. Yet, as an academic publisher, dedicated to publishing content produced in the academy, molds it to structures standardized by CAPES, which evaluates and qualies the production of professors linked to post graduation programs.

Hence there are 9 seals in this publisher:

Copérnico (Exact Sciences and Earth Sciences)

Through an odd view, accurate calculations and a dauntless will to present his Science, showing the world his revolutionary ideas, Copernicus has given new meaning to men. From center of the universe, men have begun seeing thyself as part of the universe.

Da Vinci (Linguistics, Letters and Arts)

To Leonardo da Vinci, Art was all about the idea of knowledge. Science, Literature and Arts. The world of beauty under construction around us all. This Seal honors the spectacle of the new being. It brings new proposals to a scenario which always renews, as for each time we are touched by art; a new part of us opens and enchants: The unknown to the known. Art, touch me; Art, awaken me; Art, immortalize me.

Darwin (Biological Sciences)

Looking for improvement and the growing evolution of science to understand the world around, Darwin Seal publishes books which might be synonymous of transformation, sustainable development and environmental consciousness, provoking discovery, promoting education.

Ford (Social Sciences)

Broad and controversy. Beautiful and Sui generis. Cruel and humanitarian. From Karl Marx to Roberto Campos, from Kant to Rui Barbosa. Our intent as publishers is to stimulate critical thinking. It is the passion for thought. It is enabling our readers new and other and constant views over the social relations we build are building and will build.

Hipócrates (Health Sciences)

Giving reverence and recognizing importance to Imhop, who lived in Egypt, 1000 years before; we chose
Hippocrates, considered the father of medicine, to identify our works in the health area, for its notorious
contribution. This Seal represents the will of men to know the intrinsic and complex human condition, in the most
varied and contextualized forms comprehended in the health area.

Hooke (Agricultural Sciences)

Realizing the eyes were not the limit, Hooke improved the microscope and saw for the rst time how a vegetable cell was. Such discovery would become one of the most important. Nowadays, the agricultural sector is one of the biggest and propulsive worldwide. We aim to supply this great field of Science with innovative publishing which promote new discoveries and improvement to men social living.

Platão (Human Sciences)

Creating letters, giving shape to the world of ideas, the Plato Seal represents the Human Sciences area. Wide in its existence complex in its magnitude. Covering the thought, the past, the local, the divine and relations among men, and men with thyself. Humanity: Science which takes us daily to the indelible, sustainable and unsustainable conflict of being who we are.

Rousseau (Multidisciplinary)

As well as Rousseau, one of the most notable thinkers of mankind, who aimed to make people able to, throughout education could “read the world”, we from Brazil Publishing, created this Seal to attend exclusively the Environmental Sciences, Biotechnology, Materials, Teaching and the Interdisciplinarity. We hope our readers, through our books, shall create discoveries, opportuning “new readings to the world”

Tesla (Engineering)

“Spread light over the earth”. Make sprout new ways of thinking. Bloom a new tomorrow. New possibilities. New connections. Doubtlessly, engineering is for the world as the sun is for the flower. Like oxygen for the fire. It is impossible to advance technologically without the multiple areas of engineering. The Tesla Seal comes to unite these Sciences and its interrelations.

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