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After the arduous process of transforming the results of his research into scientific text, the author and his collaborators depart to another critical decision moment: where to publish the study result, so that it is seen, analyzed and made accessible to the community which will give due merit to the possible discoveries and innovations that the research brings. One of Brazil Publishing’s PRIMORDIAL missions is to give visibility to published works, to disseminate and disseminate internationally the national scientific production, and to keep its record (preserving its memory), thus facilitating its verification through specific indicators of scientific production. So we index all our books on various access platforms, ensuring that the teacher is READ, FOUND and CITED.

General and Academic Indexers

  • Google Scholar;

    One of the top free content crawlers. A Google search tool that allows searches on academic papers and assorted articles. A source of research and reference built by the researchers themselves, thus becoming reliable and valid.

  • OMP;

    Open Monograph Press is a book management, publication and indexing system. It is designed to reduce the time and energy devoted to office and managerial tasks associated with book publishing, improving record keeping and the efficiency of editorial processes.

  • Deposita;

    The Common Repository of Brazil (Deposita) is a database to gather and disseminate the scientific production of the researchers. Indexed by international standards of open access databases. With this, the production of the product becomes widely visible on the Internet.

  • Open Library;

    Open Library is one of the most ambitious projects on the internet: it aims to catalog and digitize all books already published, in all languages. The project consists of the increasing availability of books for historical cataloging, legal download or online reading.

  • World Cat;

    It is a universal bibliographic catalog, considered the largest catalog of libraries in the world. Therefore, it is one of the largest repositories of references of works on the internet.

  • Scopus;

    It is a database of abstracts and citations, formed to develop an objective system of evaluation and validation of revised journals. Currently the system has more than 36 thousand titles in its collection.

Social Indexers

Social indexers are social networks aimed at professionals in the field of science and researchers. They are characterized by being a free platform that allows members to interact and collaborate with co-workers and fields of study worldwide, offering several tools, the main indexing of content within their own profile, in an international scope.

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