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After approval for publication, you will receive the letter of acceptance with guidelines and the editorial design for your book, which includes page numbers, suggested book value of the book previously studied and options to prioritize the date of publication with editorial schedule.

For all the areas of knowledge defined by Capes, we have a highly recognized scientific committee, which together with our editorial board will give credibility to its work, as well as peer reviewers – its work will have 2 evaluations of ad hoc referees – making observations that bring contributions.

We bet on his work – for the scientific quality and interest of the academic readers.

We value the academic career, the transparent editorial process and the criteria of Capes that prioritize and better evaluate a publication with standardization and scientific publishing elaborated following the criteria defined by it.

We care for the recognition and notoriety of the author – visibility and prominence with wide distribution and national coverage in bookstores and congresses. In addition, we present the possibility of printing in luxury edition (made in noble paper, matte lamination, localized UV varnish, hardcover finish and individual quality control).

We preserve the Copyright of a very personal nature of the work, conferring all the patrimonial rights of the author.

The distribution and commercialization are done by means of forwarding the work to bookstores that serve all Brazil and 13 other countries, so that their knowledge reaches and is recognized by the largest number of possible scholars.

Brazil Publishing is conceptualized among the Brazilian publishing houses with a large number of works with qualified extract, concept L3 and L4. Our editions lead to higher classifications for the works of authors linked to graduate programs.

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