ENGINEERING IN PRACTICE: education, research, and applications - ebook


The book combines articles about the following Production Engineering subjects: reduction of industrial material waste, 3D technology usage, application of Lean tool, pipeline integrity evaluation, impacts caused by the chemical process industry, methanol substitution in biodiesel production, incorporation of ash residues from sugarcane bagasse into a soil-cement mixture, the proposal of a mathematical model to aid public transport scripting process and variability analysis in a coffee packaging process.


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Alexandre dos Santos Gonçalves Junior, Ana Paula Barbosa Sobral, Bruno Portugal Costa, Caio Rafael Brasiliano Silva, Caio Silva Lins, Carlos Frederico de Oliveira Barros, Cristiane Muniz Hottz, Dalessandro Soares Vianna, Edwin Benito Mitacc Meza, Fabrício Bagli Siqueira, Flávio Silva Machado, Graziella Di Blasi de Paula, Hugo Costa Gonçalves, Igor de Souza Pinto, Igor Farah Bersot, João Carlos Ferreira Almeida De Sá, José Nilson França de Holanda, Lucas Fernandes de Oliveira, Lucas Neves de Almeida, Luis Enrique Valdiviezo Viera, Luis Gustavo Zelaya Cruz, Luiz Antônio de Oliveira Chaves, Marcos Felipe Pereira Valença, Maria Helena Teixeira da Silva, Mariana Santos Nacif Vargas, Matheus Rodrigues Pereira, Miguel Medina Marques, Paulo Sérgio Soares da Silva, Rafael Gardel Azzariti Brasil, Uilson Alves da Silva, Vanessa End de Oliveira, Vitor Eduardo Martins Maciel, Yvilling Emanuelly Lima da Silva Soares Costa


Mateus Carvalho Amaral, Flávio Silva Machado, Luiz Antônio de Oliveira Chaves, Maria Helena Teixeira da Silva, Vanessa End de Oliveira


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This book gathers 10 articles conjointly written by students and alumni from the Fluminense Federal University (UFF)’s Production Engineering course, located in the Rio das Ostras Campus, in Rio de Janeiro, and by professors from UFF, from Rio de Janeiro State University, Rio de Janeiro State Institute, Northern Fluminense University, Estácio de Sá University and Cândido Mendes University. The publication is a Material, Maintenance and Environmental Engineering Lab (L3MA) initiative. By offering it to the public, the objective is to spread the scientific research that we are promoting and to encourage our students and former students to enter the academic and scientific environment, as well as its propagation. Within this book, we compile articles of different subjects in the field of engineering, particularly Production Engineering.
Technology and science are present in almost every aspect of life in the contemporary world and the present collection of articles portrays part of this reality. The subjects discussed in this book include: active methodologies for engineering education, waste reduction, pipelines’ integrity evaluation, analysis of the chemical process industry, management of solid waste, mathematical model to aid public transport scripting process, and variability in coffee packaging process.